Fall/Winter 22 Collection

A Charm from Afghan

A spark was ignited in me, by just a look at the Afghan women’s resilience and strength. Her bold character, her determined mind, singular style, and her mysterious beauty brought such inspiration to me that I aimed to translate as much of her traits through different silhouettes and artistic tableaux in this Fall/Winter 22 collection. 

‘A charm from Afghan’ comes together with several stories, each revealing a feature of the Afghan woman, symbolizing her incomparable characteristics. 

The tassles, typically present in the Afghan traditional wear, highlight her insight in preserving her heritage, while delicate feathers represent her playful feminine side, timelessly glamorous. Passed on from a generation to another as a cultural ritual, artistic craftsmanship is portrayed through the charming hand embroidery and colorful prints skillfully designed in-house.

Taking us on an artistic journey in between attractive drawings and structured silhouettes, the Fall/Winter 22 collection features the signature HONAYDA powerful neat lines alongside curved cuts, to translate the Afghan woman’s dual personality; the soft and the powerful. 

And when thinking about Afghanistan, I cannot but picture the vibrant colors of its imposing buildings, and gleaming mosaic spanning the variety of this land’s rich diversity.

The collection as such, emulates energy through the vivid colors representing the flamboyant Afghan heritage, from the bright yellow, to the navy blue and emerald green each embodying nature’s magnificent elements. Central inspiration of this season, the breathtaking architecture of the ancient Afghanistan is remolded into royal embellishments mixing gold and colorful embroideries reproducing its iconic arches and particular flowers.

Tribute to all women overcoming physical, psychological, societal boundaries; this collection praises the indescribable strength of women around the globe, each fighting their own battle.