Spring/Summer 20 Collection

SS20/ Evolution

My childhood memories of the time I used to spend in the countryside of Al-Hadā and Ta’if in Saudi Arabia are engraved in my memory. I would spend long hours watching the local women laboring in the fields, resilient and hard at work on the land, and they in many ways forged a part of my personality. A recent trip back to the area and meeting again with some of these women, devoted not by duty but rather by choice, made me think about this age-old tradition, little changed for centuries, of women who toil through cold winds and under the burning sun from generation to generation. The expressive image of women in arduous motion, wearing the heavy layers of their traditional costume that they used to handcraft personally, is carved in my imagination.
I thought back to the talented woman of Bedouin times, and she inspired the ‘Evolution’ story for this season; she who climbed mountains, dug the soil and harvested the fertile lands. I admire her tenacity in cultivating her progress over the years, and her openness in welcoming change and striving to evolve with each successive era.

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