HONAYDA is thrilled to introduce its first ‘Miniatures’ collection of limited-edition dolls as part of its sustainability project, combining traditions and modernism in celebration of the 90th Saudi National day.

Each HONAYDA doll is unique to its keeper, and is part of a 51 limited-edition collection designed consciously with the delicate hands of our atelier’s women tailors using the brand’s recycled fabric.

The green shade of the Saudi flag is particular to this collection marking the 90th National day celebrated in the Kingdom.

A brand with a voice supporting women around the globe, the ‘Miniatures’ collection comes to honor the Saudi Woman’s singularity.

Committed to apply greener practices within its design process in aim to take part in the global fashion movement working to reduce waste emitted by the industry, the HONAYDA dolls are the first project of this long-term promise.