Fall/Winter 19 Collection

Fall/Winter 19

On one of those warm winter days, while conversing with a friend who was about to get married, we started reminiscing about those ancient times when women used to dream of their ‘prince charming’ and hope to be the lucky ones who got married. Marriage rhymed with life; and women dreamt of feeling alive.

Brides in the old traditions used to receive magically precious gifts inspired by the tales of a thousand and one night. One exquisite perfume bottle was the ultimately awaited gift. It had those gold and silver crown-like ornaments, with the bride and groom’s names hand-engraved and holding a unique aroma. Women used to wait for that day to live their fairy-tale, but nowadays, women have achieved so much that they can buy their own magic.

FW19 067 DL

The ‘One Love’ collection goes beyond this perfume bottle itself while digging into what’s inside it

A woman’s scent diffuses aspects of her personality; it wears her in the same way she wears it. Each woman is unique in every single fragment of her being, and the Fall/Winter 19 collection translates this sense of exclusivity as each piece stands unique in its own design. It is a tribute to all those successful women, cultured and hard-working, who have earned their independence and learned to know their worth in marriage.

To all the women who have inspired my collections so far, ‘One Love’ comes to brace their legendary beauty through the color palette of a cloudy pink and starry grey on soft tulle and delicate chiffon redefining 21st century chic. The noble black and flawless white come to compliment the female figure’s exceptional strength and the timeless light she beams, while geometrical motifs make their return as part of Honayda’s brand codes.

The elegant perfume bottle has particularly inspired this season’s embroidery with the edgy
metallics, nylon, and sprinkled beads that add this magical sparkle to the collection’s
contemporary lines.

Continuing to narrate the stories of confident, astute and energetic women, these figures will forever be at the center of my creations for I believe that a woman can unlock the toughest paths.