Spring/Summer 21 Collection

SS21/ Dare the change

‘Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you’ – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A couple of months back, I was shaken by the news of the departure of a memorable woman; one notably distinguished figure. Exceptionally humane.
Rightful judge, wise symbol of determination and strength to all women, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has fought a lifetime battle to shape our modern history. I felt the duty, as a woman, to pay her homage for the route she has chosen to mark eternally for women.

And as a celebration to the Kingdom’s latest announcement acknowledging Women lawyers at court, in line with the vision 2030, the ‘Dare the Change’ collection came as the perfect occasion to tell the story of glory, through persistence and resilience.
Because equality is justice, and justice does not differentiate between gender, color, or ethnicity.

Inspired by the resilient women who speak up for themselves and stand in the face of injustice, this Spring Summer 21 collection showcases the neat and rigorous lines of the court suit while consistently infusing femininity through curving movements elegantly embracing the woman’s body.

A contemporary take on the timeless classics, the ‘Dare the change’ collection paints femininity in the powerful stance. A neutral color palette representing the court’s traditional costume is disrupted in harmony through gracious silhouettes of distinctive lace and floating georgette. Signature dramatic pieces imprint the story of the Spring Summer collection with a vivid red featuring compelling lines and volumes, while bejeweled collars embellish this season’s most glamorous gowns, infusing Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s symbolic collar fashion.
And with the iconic HONAYDA tuxedo cuts marking once again their powerful influence on the collection , charming fringes come in to add a flair of timeless 20’s glam.

British Counsellors’ court attire essentially influenced the SS21 collection embroidery, incorporating signature designs from their opulent capes, through the contemporary HONAYDA 3D beading technique. A unique combination of gold and silver leaves is artistically paired with antique embellishments and playful tassels, enriching the pieces with a seductive luxurius feel.

Sworn to empower women through each of my creations, this Spring Summer 21 collection is an ode to all women to dare the change they want to see in the world.