Women’s empowerment and emancipation are the cornerstones of the Honayda proposition. Inspired by strong women, whether from legends or her personal experiences, Saudi Arabian designer Honayda Serafi puts forward a proposition for the multifaceted personality of today’s woman – powerful, courageous, feminine, rebellious, elegant and adventurous all at once. Art and poetry are the starting point for her designs, through which she tells her stories, tales of women’s emancipation from within the dictates of society.

Honayda has been described as a creative leader among a new generation of Middle Eastern designers who are succeeding in artfully combining traditional inspiration with a resolutely contemporary design philosophy.




Honayda takes its inspiration from global heritage and handicrafts to tell stories that are relevant to the woman of today, creating timeless garments that make her feel feminine and comfortable for every occasion, from intimate moments with her family to special occasions.

Using the best fabrics from Italy, France and Japan and with a focus on the quality of fit and finish, Honayda’s design studio is based in Lebanon, where many of the brand’s garments are also manufactured.

Fluid fabrics are shaped to flatter the body, offering subtle elegance and timeless cuts with a focus on precise finishing details. The designs offer a flexibility that means every woman can style them according to her personal style, bringing her confidence, fulfilment and grace.

Prints are designed in-house by Honayda Serafi. Inspired by strong women from both history and her personal experience that tell powerful stories, they are an important theme in each collection. In one highly praised collection, for example, she used an image of her own mother’s face as a print, telling society that women should embrace their beauty and show their faces to the world.

Embellishments are another focus, and are given a modern interpretation, with embroideries designed in-house. Each Honayda design is a work of art, expressing culture and heritage through a contemporary eye.